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Healio launches new online education platform, Healio CME -

Multichannel information platform Healio has announced the launch of its all new online education platform, Healio CME. The launch is the most significant for the company since the original release of in 2012. Through months of research and usability testing, Healio has developed a platform that delivers the best online CME experience imaginable.

The new site includes the My Healio CME personal dashboard, the ability to save progress within activities, tailored recommendations, a simple way to download transcripts and has been optimised to enhance usability on all devices and operating systems.

The new Healio not only benefits healthcare provider and physician leaners and test takers, but also medical education providers and communication companies (MECCs). The MECCs will appreciate the automated on-page campaigns targeting specialty audiences, actionable insights derived from the new journey analytics program, and an in-house team analysing user behaviour to guide marketing decisions. This will provide MECCs with increased engagement and completion rates, as well as enhanced outcomes and analytics for activities hosted on Healio CME.

Healio CME is the first step in a long line of enhancements being made to In 2020, the company will bring the same commitment to user experience to all areas of the site and its platforms, by carrying over the sleek design, improved personalisation and ease of use.

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