Healio launches new website -

Healio has announced the launch of the new, fully-reengineered Healio.com. Reflecting Healio’s mission statement, the website offers an enhanced user experience aimed at providing specialty healthcare professionals with highly personalised news and education tailored to fit their daily practice of medicine.

The new site employs user experience (UX) norms designed to create a cohesive user experience across Healio. From colors and fonts to instructional language, these standards ensure users can clearly focus on the content they came for and easily navigate to the next item of interest. Cleaner and more open design improves the reading experience, highlighting key points with convenient prompts to related content.

Key features of the new Healio include: transparent author/disclosure information, simplified navigation, more personalisation, time to read and save functions, and dedicated author pages.

Additionally, a proprietary keyword tagging system called Healiologix significantly increases the number of personalised features throughout the site. Healiologix pairs leading keyword tagging and indexing systems with editorial content expertise, providing an enriched keyword result for users to dive deeper into areas of interest and offers more relevant recommendations to related content.

The Healio experience is another step in a long line of enhancements being made to Healio.com. Future releases already in development will bring the same commitment to user experience to all areas of the site and its platforms, by carrying over the sleek design, improved personalisation and ease of use.

With deeper engagement among specialty HCPs and more personalisation, the new Healio platform also allows healthcare marketers to connect with their target audience through innovative advertising and custom solutions.

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