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Healio wins APEX awards for publication excellence -

Healio and Healio LIVE were presented with seven prestigious APEX awards, with Infectious Diseases in Children winning the highest recognition of Grand Award.

APEX Awards recognise excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. APEX Grand Awards honour the outstanding works in each main category, while APEX Awards for Publication Excellence recognise exceptional entries in each of the individual categories. Of more than 1,800 entries in APEX 2020, a total of 100 Grand Awards were presented in 12 major categories.

The seven APEX Awards are given below.

Infectious Diseases in Children: Writing – Grand Award for ‘Nonmedical vaccine exemptions violate a fundamental right of children,’ (April 2019) Katherine Bortz, Infectious Diseases in Children, Healio; Rheuminations Podcast for Electronic Media – Multimedia, Adam J. Brown, MD, Stacey L. Adams, Healio; Healio CME: Websites – Most Improved, Healio UX, Healio Design, Healio; Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2020 Meeting: Campaigns, Programs & Plans – Events & Meetings, Trisha Caruso, Nancy Chernitsky, Emily Santo, Healio LIVE; Infectious Disease News: Writing – Feature Writing, ‘The broken antimicrobial market: A looming cloud over medicine,’ (January 2019) Caitlyn Stulpin, Infectious Disease News, Healio; Healio Gastroenterology: Writing – Interviews & Personal Profiles, ‘Bench to Bedside to Market and Back Again: Revolutionising the Microbiome,’ (April 2019) Katrina Altersitz, Healio Gastroenterology and Liver Disease Team, Healio Gastroenterology, Healio; and Healio Rheumatology: Writing – Health & Medical Writing, ‘Nowhere Else to Go: Caring for Undocumented Patients in Rheumatology,’ (October 2019), Jason Laday, Healio Rheumatology, Healio.

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