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IEEE shares global findings for the power and energy industry in response to COVID-19 pandemic -

Technical professional organisation IEEE is committed to supporting a global response to COVID-19. A freely available new IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) white paper titled "Sharing Knowledge on Electrical Energy Industry’s First Response to COVID-19," draws upon input from global energy industry stakeholders in an effort to share insights to assist utilities and operators meet emerging challenges.

The IEEE PES Industry Technical Support (ITS) Leadership Committee provides support to and cooperates with governments, regulators and other industry organisations globally on technical issues related to power, energy and policy topics. The technical and business impacts that have been included include: resource availability to assure essential services; criticality of electric infrastructure, reliability, and resilience impact; supply-chain disruptions; impact on energy consumption and peak demand; modification of consumption patterns; market reliability and generation mix; and mid- to long-term impacts.

In response to those impacts, the mitigation measures and practices that were surveyed include control centers; field operations: work prioritization and staffing; customer operations and office staff; resilience and supply-chain measures; mitigating technical issues; and other practices.

The free white paper is available for download to all—IEEE members and non-members—at the IEEE PES Resource Center.

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