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IEEE statement on the open evolution of internet standards -

Technical professional organisation IEEE, with its unique position and potential among vast, global communities of scientists, engineers and experts in all pertinent technical fields, is planning to significantly augment its global engagement in the Internet arena.

The open, universal and inclusive nature of the Internet is not a natural phenomenon. It is a major achievement that has to be actively defended and fostered. In particular, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) considers the integrity of the underlying technical standards, including security protocols, to be the lifeblood of the Internet. Any intentional weakening of such standards is a very serious and politically unacceptable violation of personal and professional ethics, and poses a major threat to the future of the Internet. A universally open, fully transparent and broadly consensual standards development process, as exemplified by the OpenStand external link principles, is seen to be the solution to many of these challenges.

By contrast, fragmentation of the Internet infrastructure, including regionalisation of its norms and standards, does not provide the answer, but rather constitutes a further threat against the universal character of the Internet. In particular, the organisation supports the position of the IEEE 802 leaders regarding security protocols related to IEEE 802 standards.

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