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IGI Global invites all publishing stakeholders to participate in the Academic Publishing Trends & Open Access Survey -

The publishing industry, and academia in general, has been forced to navigate quite a few tumultuous events in the past few years including a pandemic, new international initiatives, and a call for greater accessibility of research. As publishers continue to shift publishing models to accommodate researchers’ needs, more and more challenges and controversies are coming to light.

In an effort to create a more realistic outlook on the problems currently challenging the publishing industry, IGI Global invites all publishing stakeholders – researchers, academicians, librarians, professionals, etc. – to participate in the Academic Publishing Trends & Open Access Survey.

All participant responses will remain anonymous. The results of this survey will be carefully analyzed and summarized in a report that will be shared with the academic community and used to develop a realistic outlook on the future of the publishing industry, while also ensuring that publishers are able to better address the issues that are facing all publishing stakeholders. It is hoped that the analyses of the findings of this survey will allow publishers to better prepare to address all issues and concerns of the publishing stakeholders.

Every participant who completes the survey (and provides an email address that will not be used for any means other than contacting drawing winners) will be eligible to win one of five $200 USD Amazon gift cards or one of five $250 USD IGI Global credits. Winners will be randomly selected upon the survey’s closure.

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