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Inspec Database attains new landmark -

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has announced that its bibliographic database, Inspec, has reached a landmark of over 10 million records. It was a journal article from IOP Publishing's Nanotechnology that pushed the database over the 10 million mark.

Inspec stores articles from more than 4,000 scientific and technical journals, and contains conference proceedings, as well as books, reports and dissertations on topics ranging from physics to electronics and mechanical engineering, dating back to 1969. The database is seen as a phenomenal resource for science and engineering academics and professionals worldwide.

The Nanotechnology article, 'High throughput cell nanomechanics with mechanical imaging interferometry', by a group of researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles, describes a new method for cell-screening which could help provide quicker and earlier detection of cancer cells. The research team hopes that their method which screens the nanomenchanics of up to hundreds of cells simultaneously can find application in hospitals as soon as possible.

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