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IOP Publishing celebrates 100th birthday of the oldest scientific measurement journal -

IOP Publishing (IOPP) is celebrating the remarkable milestone of the 100th anniversary of Measurement Science and Technology, the world's oldest scientific instrumentation and measurement journal and the inaugural research journal produced by the Institute of Physics.

In honor of this momentous occasion, Measurement Science and Technology has curated a special collection of articles that not only revisit the research themes published in its inaugural volume but also highlight the latest advancements in metrology. This collection showcases papers on cutting-edge developments in ultrasound sensing with optical fibers, satellite-based positioning, and mass measurements with electrostatic balances. These technological breakthroughs were beyond the realm of imagination for metrologists a century ago.

The launch of this special collection of metrology research papers coincides with World Metrology Day, observed annually on May 20th, during which more than 80 countries celebrate the profound impact of measurement on our daily lives. World Metrology Day commemorates the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875, a significant event that marked the beginning of formal international collaboration in metrology.

Measurement Science and Technology, initially established in 1923 as the Journal of Scientific Instruments, was born out of the recognition by the president of the Institute of Physics of the need for an English-language publication dedicated to scientific instruments. The journal received invaluable support from Sir Richard Glazebrook, the first director at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), who provided editorial assistance. In 1990, the journal was renamed Measurement Science and Technology to reflect the shifting landscape away from scientists constructing their own instruments. Since 2003, the journal's complete archive, containing all articles published since its inception, has been accessible online.

Today, Measurement Science and Technology encompasses all aspects of the theory, practice, and application of measurement, instrumentation, and sensing across science and engineering. Over the last three decades alone, the journal has published more than 12,000 articles, featuring the work of at least seven Nobel Prize in Physics laureates.

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