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IOS Press launches new journal, 'Risk and Decision Analysis' -

STM publisher IOS Press, Netherlands, has launched a new journal titled Risk and Decision Analysis. A comprehensive framework is seen as necessary to develop the new scientific area of risk and decision analysis. This implies convergence between finance, industry, the environment, security, cyber security and the many domains which are concerned by risks and decision analysis. The objective of the new journal is to fill this need.

Risk and Decision Analysis is a journal where theory and practice inter-relate and where scientists and professionals contribute and present new results and developments in various areas where uncertainty is a predominant concern. The journal's editorial board consists of leading scientists in the many areas that relate to risk and decision analysis. Alain Bensoussan and Charles S. Tapiero will serve as editors-in-chief.

The unfolding meltdown in financial markets, globalisation and the growth of dependency -individual and collective - increase the need for a comprehensive approach to risks, decisions and their management. The journal seeks both theoretical and application based articles. Its objective is to combine various disciplines in providing an integrated approach that scientists and professionals alike will appreciate and use to meet the pressing needs that increasing risks have impounded on their decisions.

The first issue of Risk and Decision Analysis was published in October 2008. The journal will be published in one volume of four issues (volume 2) in 2009.

Last month, IOS Press announced that it had acquired Millpress Science Publishers for an undisclosed amount. Millpress is focused on conference proceedings in the field of engineering, earth sciences and environmental sciences.

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