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JISC DRAI project catalogues 3,707 free collections -

The JISC Digital Repositories and Archives Inventory (DRAI) project, which seeks to provide a comprehensive snapshot of digital resource provision in the UK, has completed phase 2 of the project. A total of 3,707 online collections have been catalogued. Staff and students in higher education can access these for free. While Phase 1 of the project discovered 1,924 resources, 1,783 resources were discovered in phase 2. The catalogue records from phase 2 will soon be added in the Information Environment Service Registry (IESR). Records from phase 1 have already been added in the IESR.

Phase 2 also enriched the metadata collected about all the resources and contacted resource owners to approve or extend the data collected about their resources. This produced a very positive response with about 800 resource owners providing extra information about their collections. The final report from the project is now available at The report features interesting results on preservation, usage rights, subject coverage, discovery, collection owners and the availability of information about the collections.

The DRAI Project aimed to examine the technical infrastructure and preservation environment of digital content in the UK. By concentrating on resources containing digital objects, the catalogue of resources created during the project updates and complements previous aggregation efforts and provides more specific information about the preservation of each collection.


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