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Jisc issues joint statement on access to content in response to COVID-19 -

Jisc, together with its partners, has issued a collective call to all providers of digital content and software to take action to help institutions maintain their teaching and research activity during this time of crisis. A joint statement was sent to The Publishers Association and the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers.

Over the last week publishers, aggregators and suppliers of digital content and software came forward in offering a range of solutions to help institutions maintain their teaching and research activity during this time of crisis.

All providers of digital content and software are encouraged to reduce the impact on their communities and manage with reduced staff during this time of crisis. A list of actions that publishers, aggregators and vendors can take to support institutions and colleges is provided. These measures are closely aligned with statements from colleagues across the world and will support the provision of research, teaching and learning at this time and remove unnecessary distractions from the core mission of institutions.

Actions that would help institutions maintain teaching and research activity : making any relevant content and data sets about COVID-19, coronaviruses (regardless of species affected), vaccines, and antiviral drugs currently behind subscription-only paywalls open access immediately to facilitate research; guiding community public health response; and accelerating the discovery of treatment options. The removal of technology that limits text and data mining is also requested in support of research.

Publishers, aggregators and vendors are recommended to: allow flexible renewal periods and lengthened payment due dates as the future impacts on health or business operations are unknown; delay or minimise any planned price increases until the upheaval and disruption that occur in user communities, public health systems, and stock markets all over the world calms; and develop plans to temporarily lift paywalls or develop alternative methods of authentication to allow access to subscribed content if traditional authentication mechanisms are overloaded under the increased traffic.

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