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JMIR AI now listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) -

JMIR Publications, a prominent player in the field of open access scholarly journals, has announced that JMIR AI has received acceptance and indexing in the esteemed Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). The DOAJ is recognized for its rigorous evaluation criteria, which encompass licensing and copyright standards, quality control procedures, technical aspects of journal websites, and editorial assessment.

Launched in 2022, JMIR AI emerges as a premier journal dedicated to exploring the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) within the domain of health. The publication, spearheaded by Editors-in-Chief Khaled El Emam, PhD, and Bradley Malin, PhD, serves as a platform for both contemporary advancements and historical cases in the realm of AI. A cornerstone of the journal's mission is to emphasize robust methodological assessments of AI techniques alongside authoritative analyses.

At its core, JMIR AI strives to foster a vibrant scholarly community centered around AI applications. The journal's vision extends to showcasing how AI methods have been adapted, extended, and effectively employed in practical health settings. Moreover, it seeks to highlight methodological innovations that enable the evaluation of these techniques within real-world contexts. A distinguishing feature of JMIR AI is its commitment to facilitating transparency by sharing code and data, empowering researchers to replicate and build upon published work. By assembling expert editorial oversight focused on AI, JMIR AI ensures the maintenance of a consistent and elevated standard across its publications.

JMIR Publications continues to broaden its DOAJ portfolio, with numerous journals already indexed or accepted, including Journal of Medical Internet Research, JMIR mHealth and uHealth, JMIR Research Protocols, JMIR Human Factors, JMIR Mental Health, JMIR Serious Games, JMIR Medical Informatics, JMIR Formative Research, JMIR Diabetes, JMIR Cancer, JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting, JMIR Medical Education, JMIR Aging, JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies, JMIR Cardio, JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, and the Interactive Journal of Medical Research. The company remains committed to expanding its presence within the DOAJ, with additional journals potentially under evaluation.

Widely utilized by over 5,000 institutions worldwide, the DOAJ's recognition further solidifies JMIR Publications' commitment to facilitating open access to high-quality research.

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