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JMIR Publications is now live and connected to the OA Switchboard -

JMIR Publications is now live and connected to the OA Switchboard, a non-profit initiative of funding organizations, research institutions, and publishers dedicated to a smooth transition to open access (OA) publishing through simplified sharing of metadata between stakeholders via a central information exchange hub.

The OA Switchboard is an independent community-driven intermediary that serves to complement and connect all relevant partners and systems in providing a straightforward exchange of information regarding open access publications throughout the publication journey.

In the coming days, manuscripts published in JMIR journals will trigger an automatic P1 message to the affiliated librarian or funder confirming the published article’s details; these will be sent to libraries active within the OA Switchboard program.

While JMIR is one of the first publishers to successfully integrate with the OA Switchboard API in the standard message structure, interest and uptake have been steadily picking up momentum. The success of this initiative is a testament to the cooperation required by the scholarly communications industry to meaningfully address the ongoing challenges around the administrative burden to fulfill OA publication-level arrangements.

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