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Jo Lendle to succeed Michael Krüger as new publisher at Hanser -

German publishing house Carl Hanser Verlag is pleased to announce the appointment of Jo Lendle, who will succeed Michael Krüger as the company's literary publisher. Krüger, who will be stepping down at the end of 2013, will hand over the reins as Managing Director to Lendle.

Jo Lendle is an accomplished publisher who brings with him a wide range of assets to ensure Hanser will steer a confident course into the future. In addition to his infallible instinct for literary talent and exceptional writing, he is equipped with an extensive network of contacts within the industry; qualities that will enable him to continue Hanser's tradition of excellence established by the company's present incumbent, Michael Krüger.

Hanser's reputation as a pioneering literary publisher will be reinforced by Lendle's sound judgement and outstanding track record in a wide variety of style and genre. His name is synonymous with the discovery and advancement of numerous authors who have meanwhile become household names. Sustained by professional foresight, Lendle is ideally equipped to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world of modern publishing head-on. Working alongside existing directors Wolfgang Beisler, responsible for the STM publishing group Hanser Fachverlag, and Stephan Joss, CFO/COO, Lendle will place Hanser in an optimum position to face the challenges of the future.


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