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JSTOR expands access to academic journals in Hawaiʻi -

The University of Hawaiʻi system has invested in the complete JSTOR Archival Journal Collections for all ten of its institutions, including seven community colleges. More than 50,000 students and 15,000 faculty members now have digital access to the complete archives of 2,800 of the world’s leading journals across 70 academic disciplines.

The impact of access has been immediate. Since the start of the program, the University of Hawaiʻi system has seen nearly 50,000 unique item requests from JSTOR. Usage data shows that over half came from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, with others spread across institutions. Most unique item requests stem from the arts and sciences and life sciences collections.

Unlike other online databases, JSTOR is viewed as a long-term investment. Founded as a way for libraries to develop a shared digital infrastructure to preserve and provide access to their collections for the future, JSTOR has worked with academic libraries and publishers to select and digitize journals dating back to the 1600s, to add new material each year, and to ensure the preservation and sustainability of the resulting digital library. By making a large one-time investment, the University of Hawaiʻi system has guaranteed access to the material for all its institutions while supporting long-term stewardship of the collections by JSTOR.

Nearly 500 colleges and universities have begun using JSTOR’s one-time payment model, including a growing number of community colleges.

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