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Kristianstad University supports open access publishing for eligible authors -

Kristianstad University (Högskolan Kristianstad) has taken another step in supporting its authors by offering a 10% discount for eligible authors who publish their research articles under the Sweden Open Access Publishing Framework Agreement. This initiative will benefit the corresponding authors affiliated with Kristianstad University.

The agreement, which was established to promote open access publishing, allows corresponding authors to publish their articles in open access journals, ensuring that their work is available to everyone, irrespective of their financial background. Open access publishing also promotes the rapid dissemination of research, which is critical in advancing scientific knowledge.

To submit an article under this institutional agreement, eligible authors are advised to submit their work with an email domain affiliated with their institution. During the submission process, the authors should select "Kristianstad University" under the Institutional Agreements menu in the invoice section. Frontiers, the open access publisher, will then verify the author's affiliation with Kristianstad University. If the affiliation is confirmed, the corresponding author will receive a 10% discount on the publication fee.

This new initiative by Kristianstad University demonstrates the institution's commitment to supporting its authors and promoting open access publishing. It will provide eligible authors with the financial support they need to publish their research in open access journals.

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