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Latest edition of Blogspeak now online -

The latest edition of Blogspeak is now online. Featured are: Rosalind Edwards (Unfunded research: Why academics do it and its unvalued contribution to the impact agenda); Jennifer Goodrich (The power of data in the management of peer review); Alice Meadows (Beyond publication — Increasing opportunities for recognising all research contributions); Allen Crawford Thomas (How the SAMR learning model can help build a post-COVID digital strategy); Lettie Y. Conrad (‘Little Deals’ everywhere: Is demand-driven collection development catching fire?); Martin Schaefer (No general third party effect!); and Kirsty Wallis (How an audience-first approach to social media increases engagement with your research). Blogspeak includes blog posts relevant to the publishing industry, particularly STM publishing. Subscribers are invited to participate in the latest edition of Blogspeak Here.

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