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Latest edition of Blogspeak now online -

The latest edition of Blogspeak is now online. Featured are: Sylvia Izzo Hunter, Igor Kleshchevich, Bruce Rosenblum (Guest post — What is wrong with preprint citations?); Dani Guzman (The impact of COVID-19 on academic researchers); Tao Tao (Gaps in academic communication); Molly Buccini (Making open access more approachable for researchers in the chemistry setting); Dave Elder-Vass and Mark Carrigan (Online conferences do not have to feel like substitutes. 4 considerations for making yours better than the ‘real thing’); and Tim Softley (The use of AI is spreading rapidly but how can universities keep up?). Blogspeak includes blog posts relevant to the publishing industry, particularly STM publishing. Subscribers are invited to participate in the latest edition of Blogspeak Here.

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