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Latest release of Thieme’s reference resource Science of Synthesis 4.19 is now available -

The latest update for the Science of Synthesis (SOS) 4.19 is now available. Two new SOS Knowledge Updates volumes enrich this comprehensive resource for synthetic chemists, with chapters covering diverse areas including organometallic chemistry and heterocycle synthesis. This latest release of Thieme’s reference resource for reliable synthetic methods, provides users with new reviews on important areas within organometallic chemistry and heterocycle synthesis.

The new content includes chapters on the synthesis of amides from acylboron compounds, cross-dehydrogenative coupling of terminal alkynes, and alkane metathesis. Improvements to the software and user interface such as a new drawing tool, Marvin JS, and enhanced display options for search results complete the latest update.

Among the highlights of the release are updates in the field of organometallic chemistry, including new information on allylsilanes, germoles, and stannoles. There is new content in the area of heterocycle synthesis, including reviews on benzopyrylium salts, purines, pyrimidines and quinazolines, phenazines, benzo[b]thiophenes, and 1,2-dioxolanes.

The Editorial Board, in conjunction with the volume editors and expert authors, constantly evaluates significant developments in synthetic methodology and decided to add new chapters on the synthesis of amides from acylboron compounds, transamidation and amidation of activated amides and esters, aza-Diels-Alder reactions and the synthesis of amines by rearrangement. Chapters on 1-nitrogen-functionalized 2-haloalkenes, cross-dehydrogenative coupling of terminal alkynes, hydrocarbon polymers, and alkane metathesis complete the SOS 4.19 update.

Furthermore, there are new features in the SOS software and user interface. A new drawing tool allows quick input of structures and reactions. Structures can still be uploaded as cdx or mol files, or can be copy/pasted from ChemDraw using ‘Copy as SMILES’/Ctrl+V. As well as drawing structures, the compounds included in SOS can be searched using InChI Keys. The ‘Name-to-Structure’ feature, allowing rapid input of complex structures, has been improved, as have the search options for structures and reactions. Users are now able to predefine what type of structure/reaction match they are looking for. Ranking within the hit lists has also been improved, and substructures are now highlighted: When the structure searched for is part of a more complex molecule, the substructure is now highlighted in the ‘single-step reactions’ view, making it easier to see the relevance of the result. With the new update, it is now even easier to download whole chapters as PDF files and to access SOS from outside institution’s network, as SOS now supports Shibboleth/OpenAthens authentication.

To celebrate 20 years of Science of Synthesis, Thieme Chemistry is making a selection of SoS reviews freely available to everyone at

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