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Latest transformative agreement from Springer Nature accelerates OA momentum in East Asia -

In a significant move towards expanding Open Access (OA) initiatives in East Asia, Springer Nature has inked its first transformative agreement (TA) in South Korea with the prestigious Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). This transformative agreement underscores Springer Nature's commitment to fostering OA and marks KAIST's inaugural TA with any publisher.

The TA with KAIST stands as a milestone in Springer Nature's efforts to support global research communities, providing over 11,000 affiliated researchers at KAIST with the opportunity to publish in OA format without incurring any costs. The agreement aligns with the growing recognition of OA's positive impact on research visibility, usage, and reach.

Under the three-year deal set to commence in 2024, KAIST researchers will gain access to over 2,000 Springer Nature hybrid journals. This agreement represents a significant step forward for KAIST.

The move aligns with KAIST's commitment to responding to its researchers' preferences, as evidenced by a recent survey where over 90% expressed a desire to publish in an OA format. The transformative agreement with Springer Nature allows KAIST to transition to OA seamlessly, converting subscription fees into a platform for the worldwide dissemination of their research.

Springer Nature's dedication to the OA transition extends beyond this transformative agreement, with more details available in its recent OA report. As the momentum for OA gains traction outside of Europe, agreements like the one with KAIST serve as a testament to the growing demand and positive impact of OA across diverse regions.

For additional information on Springer Nature's commitment to OA, visit here. Further insights into the impact of its OA portfolio can be found in its recent OA report.

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