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LIBER champions equity and diversity in scholarly communication: Insights from the Global Summit on Diamond Open Access -

LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries, remains committed to reshaping the landscape of scholarly communication, a commitment reflected in its 2023-2027 Strategy. Recognizing the vast inequalities in the publication system, even within Europe, LIBER emphasizes that equity and diversity are integral components of the solution to research challenges, rather than impediments. In line with this ethos, LIBER actively participated in the 'Global Summit on Diamond Open Access' held in Toluca, Mexico, from October 23 to 27.

Diamond Open Access (Diamond OA) serves as a pivotal alternative to existing agreements with publishers, and many LIBER members are already engaged in Diamond OA initiatives. These initiatives involve offering standard and advanced publishing services, raising community awareness about the Diamond OA Road, assisting journal editors in establishing valid and sustainable publishing venues, and contributing financially to Diamond OA infrastructures. LIBER members play a significant role in supporting these infrastructures, redirecting resources from commercial enterprises to contribute to the advancement of open access initiatives.

Internal reports from February 2022 revealed that approximately 55% of the libraries contributing to the SCOSS calls in Europe were LIBER members. Moreover, research libraries often spearhead the implementation of open science policies and allocate funds to membership schemes such as Open Library for Humanities and SCOAP3, ensuring the sustainable operation of journals.

While acknowledging the varying capacities of different libraries, LIBER is determined to highlight and share successful examples of engagement with Diamond OA. The association works closely with research and academic staff to foster a culture for community-led open access (OA) venues within academia, including enhancing the visibility of Diamond OA journals and ensuring their inclusion in OA monitoring processes. LIBER is committed to establishing high-standard, quality services from support and production to preservation, making these services trustworthy, identifiable, and streamlining processes for financial support.

LIBER's Working Groups, including the Open Access and Copyright & Legal Matters Groups, will systematically explore strategies to develop conditions for equitable, diverse, effective, secure, and sustainable openness in knowledge and research.

In the wake of the 'Global Summit on Diamond Open Access,' LIBER reaffirms its commitment to collaborating with stakeholders such as Science Europe, Redalyc, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEMéx), AmeliCA, UNESCO, CLACSO – Latin American Council of Social Sciences, Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), cOAlition S, OPERAS, COAR – Confederation of Open Access Repositories, and others. Together, they seek to position Diamond OA as a robust alternative to the current scholarly communication paradigm, advancing the principles of equity and diversity in the dissemination of knowledge.

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