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Libraries turn to NoveList®’s LibraryAware™ to communicate with patrons during the pandemic -

LibraryAware™, from NoveList®, a division of EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO), is becoming a marketing tool given the unique needs of libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The unique needs have led to unprecedented interest in LibraryAware as library staff are leveraging its over 10,000 ready-to-use templates, allowing staff to communicate with patrons and increase awareness of virtual programming, reopening, pick up plans, changes in hours, and more.

Library closings, reduced hours and limited in-person patron allowances are changing the way library staff operate and promote their resources to patrons. The pandemic has made it even more important for libraries to reach diverse members of their community with different strategies to emphasise ways the library can help. Because the library community is everywhere (online, getting curbside pick-up, visiting the library in person), libraries need their marketing to be everywhere — including emails, social media, newsletters, signage and more.

LibraryAware offers materials and ready-to-go templates available for channels important to libraries like social media, email, print, digital signage, NoveList Select and checkout stations. The LibraryAware team at NoveList is constantly creating new campaigns, initiatives and resources so that they can help libraries address the issues they are confronting during the pandemic. Some of these initiatives include reopening campaigns, reading campaigns, story time promotion, and digital resource awareness.

LibraryAware combines its promotion and marketing tools with NoveList’s book expertise by creating templates, emails, and book widgets that enable virtual browsing. These resources make it easier to tell patrons about the resources and services available at their local library while relieving the pressure of creating marketing materials from library staff who are stretched thin during the pandemic.

In 2006, NoveList launched NextReads, a subscription-based email readers' advisory service for libraries and their patrons. To offer librarians more tools and resources for marketing library services, NoveList created LibraryAware, which incorporated the NextReads newsletters. Today, LibraryAware is used by thousands of libraries to keep patrons informed and engaged with ready-to-use templates for email, social media, newsletters, and more.

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