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LM Information Delivery announces release of comprehensive usage analytics tool, LibMetrix -

LM Information Delivery, an international information services provider, has announced the latest release of their comprehensive usage analytics tool, LibMetrix. One of the key features of the spring 2020 release of LibMetrix is an external subscription data upload facility. Users can now easily upload the cost data of resources that are not subscribed to via LM into the system, in order to harness the full power of LibMetrix for their entire collection, regardless of supplier.

Users who subscribe to content via various sources, vendors or through consortia agreements can now collate all their subscription data in one place and gain deep insight into how their content is being utilised by patrons. LibMetrix empowers librarians’ decisions by providing them with the ability to drill down into the library collection at a granular level and make informed, data driven decisions that save them time and money. LibMetrix provides the latest Counter 5 data, using Counter 4 if not available.

LM Information Delivery tech support and software developers work closely with new users at every stage in order to ensure smooth on-boarding and a relaxed ongoing user experience. Based on feedback from beta testing and reviewing the way in which LibMetrix is used on a daily basis by customers, the Spring 2020 release of LibMetrix also includes upgrades to the user interface. Users will notice a new and improved layout in each section, which includes simplified dropdown menus and clearer positioning of key performance indicators, which allows for more space to display interactive graphs.

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