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Macmillan Learning’s digital learning platform, Achieve, certified as a research-based product by Digital Promise -

Macmillan Learning has announced that digital learning platform Achieve is the first product designed for higher education to earn the ‘Research-Based Design’ product certification by Digital Promise. Achieve includes learning materials with a comprehensive set of interconnected teaching and assessment tools, and it will be available in the US and Canada in Fall 2020.

In an effort to provide educators with evidence they can use to make informed decisions and support the success of students, Digital Promise has established a rigorous program to evaluate edtech tools and determine, based on expert review, whether the tool can be certified as designed and developed based on educational research. The product certifications help ensure instructors and institutions that the products they select were designed using research-based learning science principles and developed using best practices before using them with their students.

Achieve was developed using published foundations of learning science and in partnership with students and instructors to support students of all levels of motivation and preparedness. It offers the best features of each of Macmillan Learning’s digital solutions in one platform, and engages students both in and out of class to achieve better outcomes. Achieve enables the facilitation of learning in the way that most enhances an instructor’s class, whether it’s traditional, online, blended, or a fully ‘flipped’ classroom.

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