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Maney Publishing names Willard McCarty as editor of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews -

Academic publisher Maney Publishing, UK, has announced the appointment of Dr Willard McCarty, Professor of Humanities Computing, King's College London, as Editor Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, an international journal. Dr Julianne Nyhan of the European Science Foundation will become Book Reviews Editor, while Howard Cattermole, who is retiring after five years as Editor, will become Consulting Editor.

A quarterly publication Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (ISR) seeks to set contemporary and historical developments in the sciences and technology into their wider social and cultural context and to illuminate their interrelations with the humanities and arts. For the past three decades ISR has served public engagement with science, promoting interdisciplinarity by bringing together research from across the disciplines.

As part of the transition, the journal's Editorial Board has been restructured and a dedicated editorial website,, has been launched. As well as providing information on forthcoming issues and journal developments, the website will feature an Editor's blog and a forum allowing the Board and other interested parties to interact.

The new ISR Board includes researchers with international reputations in fields such as anthropology, cognitive science, comparative literature, economics, engineering, chemistry, materials science, English, geography, history of science, sociology and philosophy. Recent recruits to the Board include academics Margaret Boden, Steve Fuller, Peter Galison, Jean-Claude Guédon, Geoffrey Harpham, Brad Inwood, Jerome McGann, Laura Otis and Mark Turner.

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