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Mobility Data Collaborative publishes best practices for data terminology and governance -

The Mobility Data Collaborative (Collaborative), a multi-sector forum of mobility partners, has released two best practices – a glossary of standardised terms and metrics as well as guidelines for privacy-focused data governance and contracting. The collective effort by shared mobility operators, data aggregators, public agencies, academia, and others provides solutions for the challenge of inconsistent definitions and rapidly changing data governance policies.

The Data Sharing Glossary and Metrics for Shared Micromobility provides a standardised set of definitions and methodologies for commonly used terms and metrics. The best practice complements existing data specifications and creates clarity and consistency in interpreting mobility data across all stakeholders. For example, the best practice outlines thorough methodologies to calculate the ‘maximum average number of vehicles’ in a given geography.

Additionally, the Guidelines for Mobility Data Sharing Governance and Contracting offers a foundation to address both the interests of the public and the private sectors while providing privacy, transparency, data ownership and public trust. Public agencies and operators can use these foundational guidelines when crafting new data sharing agreements, to allow for all stakeholders to better collect, share and protect mobility data.

New mobility options, such as shared cars and scooters, have rapidly emerged in cities over the past decade. Data generated by these mobility services offers an exciting opportunity to provide valuable and timely insight to effectively develop transportation policy and infrastructure. As the world becomes more data-driven, common language and frameworks help remove barriers to safe data sharing without compromising consumer trust.

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