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NEJM Group launches NEJM AI with Isaac Kohane at the helm as Editor-in-Chief -

Isaac Kohane, a pioneer in the field of biomedical informatics, has been named as the editor-in-chief of NEJM AI, a new journal that aims to shed light on the pressing questions in the field of medical AI. The journal, launched by NEJM Group, the publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine, will generate rigorous evidence to help researchers, clinicians, health care leaders, and policymakers harness the promise of AI to transform medicine.

The content of the journal will analyze emerging evidence in a manner that can inform clinical and regulatory decision-making. Properly evaluated AI tools can help inform clinical and regulatory decision-making, which ultimately benefits patients. The goal is to help propel the field of clinical AI forward and realize AI's promise to benefit both patients and clinicians.

According to Kohane, the field of AI has reached a crucial inflection point, and medicine can reap tremendous benefits from advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as long as these advances are harnessed in an evidence-based, informed, safe, and ethical manner. He believes that some of the most pressing questions in medicine can be advanced through the application of AI in the clinic.

In addition to evaluating emerging research and assessing the evidence behind clinical AI tools and applications, the journal will offer reviews, perspectives, and various educational materials to help inform practicing physicians, clinician leaders interested in applying AI, computer scientists seeking to translate algorithmic advances to clinical practice, and policymakers and regulators.

The launch of NEJM AI comes at a time when AI is increasingly being applied in medicine to aid in diagnosis, treatment, and drug discovery. Properly harnessed, AI has the potential to revolutionize the field of medicine and improve patient outcomes. The launch of NEJM AI and the appointment of Kohane as editor-in-chief is a significant step forward in this journey to transform the field of clinical AI.

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