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New book 'Policy Innovation for Health' calls for radical new mindset for health policy -

A new book, Policy Innovation for Health, published by STM publisher Springer, Germany, calls for shifting the focus of the health policy debate. The book is being featured at the ongoing European Public Health Association (EUPHA) annual congress in Lisbon, Portugal, from November 6 - 8, 2008.

The recognition of health as a central economic and societal driving force requires new approaches to how health policy is conducted. Policy innovations, in particular mechanisms that recognise the critical role of patients and consumers and that involve a wide range of stakeholders, is expected to be the defining factor for health sustainability in the 21st century. The new book, with contributions from leading European health policy experts, describes unique approaches for 21st century societies.

Growing demands for patient-centered policy, rising rates of chronic disease, epidemic obesity and diabetes and a widening longevity gap between rich and poor have all been creating increasing pressures on policymakers and providers. These pressures will likely increase in the context of the current financial crisis. Policy Innovation for Health argues that one needs to shift course and apply a radically new mindset.

The long-term strategies and case studies outlined in the book emphasise collaboration within government through Health in All Policy approaches, and beyond government through new partnerships for health that recognise health as a central economic and societal force; bridge the gaps between prevention, health promotion, and healthcare; improve core health determinants such as living conditions, education, and social supports; close the financial divide in public health priority setting; and encourage the democratization of health knowledge patient empowerment. According to the book's authors, these social, political, medical, and technological advances are crucial to meeting the challenges of the decades ahead.

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