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New collection - Scientific Applications and Mobile Devices -

Scientific (Phone) Applications and Mobile Devices is the first open-access peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality scientific reports on mobile apps and smartphone-dependent devices. SAMD, published by APD SKEG, provides not only academic recognition for the broader scientific community and industry but also raises public awareness about the development of such tools.

All recent developments and research featured on SAMD will now be available to ScienceOpen users, owing to a recent collaboration with the APD SKEG, which will add quality titles and valuable insights to our discovery network.

The journal accepts full research articles, application notes, reviews, editorials, and correspondences in all disciplines related to the development of research or education apps or custom-made devices, and the interactivity embedded in ScienceOpen’s discovery tools will ease scientific communication for the journal in the future and expose its publications to a new potential readership.

The unique category of “application notes” allows the software of interest to undergo peer-review focused on utility and features, without requiring the developers to freely give away the source code or app completely free. This allows the publication without compromising the commercialization of the intellectual property protection process. A history of the journal can be found here.

All articles are distributed in PDF format and published as soon as they are accepted and proofread. All of the articles on ScienceOpen can be easily recommended to your research circles and shared on social media, and the multidimensional search filter can help you in your research process by filtering publications based on the date of publication, Altmetric score, author, keyword, content type, source, and more.

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