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New Journal: Philosophy of Medicine calls for submissions -

A new open-access journal, Philosophy of Medicine, has been launched and is now accepting submissions. The journal’s inaugural editor-in-chief is Alex Broadbent and its deputy editor-in-chief is Jonathan Fuller. While it is an academic, peer-reviewed journal, it will also have a public philosophy section.

Philosophy of Medicine is an open-access journal that seeks to publish original philosophical research and perspectives on all aspects of medicine, including medical research and practices. Through its public-facing section ‘The Examination Room’, it also publishes content for the wider public, including health professionals and health scientists.

The mission of Philosophy of Medicine is to serve as the flagship journal for the field by advancing research in philosophy of medicine, by engaging widely with medicine, health sciences and the public, and by providing open-access content for all.

On the journal’s website, the editors announce that they plan to ‘imagine the field inclusively.’ By this they mean a few things, including being open to interdisciplinary engagement, encouraging submissions that originate in or address non-Western medical traditions, and expanding the conception of philosophy of medicine beyond its origins as a subdiscipline of philosophy of science (e.g., to include the ethics and philosophy of psychiatry, the metaphysics of pregnancy, the epistemology of diagnosis).

The journal is published by the University of Pittsburgh Library System through Open Journal Systems (OJS) with generous financial support from the Centre for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh and the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Johannesburg.

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