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New LabArchives Integration with Qeios to simplify scientific publishing -

LabArchives, the leading research data management platform with over 400,000 users, has announced integration with Qeios, a scientific publishing tool and Open Access platform.

LabArchives users can now import data directly from LabArchives to Qeios to begin the publishing process. Together the two platforms offer flexibility, efficiency and collaboration at every stage of scientific inquiry from data collection to publication.

Qeios supports scientific publishing with an efficient and collaborative platform. Intuitive platform design enables users to format consistent and beautiful scientific papers quickly. Collaborative tools then offer opportunity for cross-referencing and on-demand feedback.

Within Qeios, users have access to organised, revised, and ranked community-sourced scholarly definitions. This easy to access repository within Qeios promotes thorough cross-referencing, decreases uncertainty and promotes reproducibility.

Qeios users can invite colleagues and other community members to view work and offer feedback. Users can also publish Peer Reviews within Qeios. DOI and Altmetric tracking are automatically assigned by Qeios. The Qeios platform’s unique collaborative functions leverage collective knowledge to produce better research.

Once ready, Qeios users publish without delay. Qeios combines instant publishing capabilities with open access to advance the scientific field, and was awarded the 2019 Open Science Award for Excellence by the Open Science Consortium.

Users can sign up for both platforms for free, document and collect data within LabArchives and upload it directly to the Qeios workspace to start publishing in minutes.

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