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Nielsen Book launches BookScan India -

Nielsen Book, part of global information and media group Nielsen Company, US, has announced the launch of BookScan India. The BookScan Indian panel collects sales from October 3 with the first week's charts released on October 15. The panel is expected to cover over 50 percent of organised book sales in India and by the end of 2010. In a typical week, the panel will measure over 55,000 different titles, with a combined sales volume of over 500,000 units and value of R12 Crore (approx £1.7million a week).

The Nielsen BookScan service claims to be the world's largest continuous book sales tracking service operating in the UK, Ireland, Australia, US, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and Denmark. The launch of the Indian panel in October 2010 will bring the number of territories in which the service operates to 10.

BookScan sales data will be available to subscribing clients and participating retailers on a weekly basis just six working days after the measured period ends, via BookScan Online, the company's flexible, web-based analysis tool. The panel launches with 24 booksellers including independents, medium and large chains and online retailers which include: Full Circle, Landmark, Reliance Time Out and Flipkart.

BookScan charts and title sales are available for all genres. Market information can be analysed by various criteria including category, publisher, country of publication and format. Market trends are readily linked to the titles driving the results, so patterns can be interpreted easily. The actual price paid for the book will also be tracked so levels of discounting can also be calculated.

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