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NISO and UIUC awarded Sloan grant to prevent the spread of retracted research -

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO), and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), have been awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant of $249,998 to prevent the spread of retracted research.

The CREC (Communication of Retractions, Removals, and Expressions of Concern) project was approved last year by NISO’s voting members. Led by Jodi Schneider, associate professor in the School of Information Sciences at UIUC, CREC will build on her previous Sloan Foundation-funded work, Reducing the Inadvertent Spread of Retracted Science (RISRS). This new NISO Recommended Practice will create consistent community practices that enable publishers, preprint repositories, and discovery services to identify and signal that a publication has been retracted or has expressions of concern.

Retractions of scholarly content alert readers to unreliable material and are intended to remove that information from the citable record. However, information about an item’s retraction status is not always communicated, and harm can result when the faulty information continues to spread. The CREC Recommended Practice will help address this issue, by identifying parties involved in the retraction process, and describing their responsibilities, actions, and notification methods, as well as the metadata and display standards needed to communicate retracted research consistently to both humans and machines.

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