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NISO releases draft FASTEN Recommended Practice for public comment -

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is seeking comments on a new draft Recommended Practice pertaining to the modernisation of library-vendor technical interoperability using RESTful web service application programming interfaces (APIs) and standard mobile application intent calls. In the interest of streamlining information transfer between vendor and library systems, the scope of the draft FASTEN Recommended Practice touches on areas such as login/authentication, account information, availability, checkout, streaming options, and more. FASTEN is the acronym used for this initiative, more formally titled as the Flexible API Standard for E-Content NISO.

Since 2010 and the accompanying rise in library circulation of digital content, libraries and vendors have sought to streamline and improve the process of locating and accessing such materials. One key solution has been the adoption of APIs, useful in handling behind-the-scenes transmissions between systems. However, in today’s more complex library environment, with its rich variety of digital content formats (audio, video, etc.), one of the biggest challenges for a library user is understanding how to navigate across the various platforms to access the specific format preferred. Understandably, library digital patrons do not want (nor should they need) to hold multiple accounts for each of the many platforms to which a library may have licensed rights.

The objective behind the FASTEN initiative was to replace with more elegant solutions aging, inflexible, and hard-to-use enterprise tools. This required leaving behind disparate protocols, such as SIP, SIP2, proprietary interfaces, web proxy solutions, and more.

The Flexible API Standard for E-content NISO (FASTEN) Recommended Practice is available for public comment between October 31 and November 30, 2019. To download the draft document or to submit comments, interested parties may visit the NISO Project page at: All input is welcome and encouraged.

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