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OCLC’s new EZproxy Analytics service offers libraries greater insights into use of e-resources -

OCLC is introducing EZproxy Analytics, a turnkey analytics service that enables libraries using EZproxy hosted access and authentication services to transform data into actionable insights, drive more informed decisions, and demonstrate significant impact.

EZproxy Analytics automatically manages the entire analytics process—from data storage, extraction, and enrichment, to reporting and visualisation—making it easy to better understand and communicate e-resource return on investment.

EZproxy Analytics also helps libraries to detect unauthorized e-resource usage. It provides reporting which can establish whether user credentials have been compromised so staff can act swiftly to address any breaches in security.

OCLC partnered with the Consortium, the French non-profit organisation that developed ezPAARSE software with the CNRS Institute for Scientific Information, to develop EZproxy Analytics. OCLC also piloted the service with libraries using the EZproxy hosted service before moving to production.

EZproxy was built for libraries to protect user privacy, making it a trusted access and authentication solution for 20 years. Thousands of libraries around the world use EZproxy to facilitate access to e-content. EZproxy Analytics is offered as part of the EZproxy hosted suite of services for an additional subscription.

EZproxy Analytics is now available to EZproxy hosted libraries in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Availability in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia-Pacific countries will follow later in 2020.

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