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OECD Publishing announces price freeze for 2010 -

OECD Publishing, one of the leading publishers in the fields of economics and public policy, has announced its decision to freeze its prices for 2010 to assist libraries in maintaining their subscriptions.

The economic downturn is impacting library budgets. To better support their budgeting process, the publisher has announced that there will be no increases to the full range of SourceOECD products, as well as OECD Journals and Statistical Databases, irrespective of format - online-only or online-and-archive (print/CD/DVD). This price freeze comes at a time when OECD Publishing is continuing to invest significantly in improved services for librarians and end-users.

Later this year, OECD Publishing will roll out a new e-publishing platform for books, working papers and periodicals, called OECD iLibrary. This new service will deliver a wide range of improvements, as well as integrate OECD.Stat, the new-generation database platform which has transformed access to OECD's statistical data.

The price freeze will apply to all Euro, US Dollar and Yen prices, but 2010 will necessarily reflect the fall in the value of Sterling, given that the Euro is the currency in which OECD costs are incurred. In order to alleviate the financial pressure, the OECD will absorb half of this exchange-rate impact and ask UK customers to cover the other half via a 15 percent price increase.

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