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Open Research Community launches, connecting experts worldwide to expand professional networks on Open Access, Open Research and Open Science -

The Open Research Community (ORC), a new interactive platform which has now launched after a test phase, offers users worldwide the opportunity to expand their professional networks on the topics of Open Access (OA), Open Research and Open Science.

In addition to blog posts and up-to-date information in the form of policy papers and research reports, the ORC offers the opportunity to interact with other experts in the network. An initiative of Knowledge Unlatched (KU), the ORC is free to use. The ORC aims to support the worldwide exchange of information on future-oriented research and OA publishing by bringing together libraries, publishers and researchers.

Powered by Zapnito, the ORC seeks input from key stakeholders, features expert-driven content in the form of articles, discussion pieces and commentary, and aims to reflect the backgrounds and expertise of various user groups. Through its community, research and university involvements, the ORC focuses on knowledge sharing and informing users on OA-related topics, including publishing industry developments.

The ORC’s Advisory Board consists of experts from around the world who are actively involved in Open Access and Open Research. These experts will initiate virtual discussion groups, write exclusive blog posts, and interact with users as contacts within the platform.

The launch of the ORC is supported by specialist media, including journals buchreport and b.i.t. online. The Charleston Conference and the specialist journal Against the Grain are also involved with the ORC.

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