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OpenAthens announces call for proposals for Access Lab 2022 -

OpenAthens, which enables easy access to knowledge through single sign-on, is inviting speakers to submit proposals for their annual industry conference ‘Access Lab’.

Access Lab is a global online event in which libraries, publishers and library users discuss challenges and solutions facing the information industry. The 2022 event ‘Enabling the future – managing resources post-pandemic in a climate change emergency’ is scheduled for March 22, 2022. Event content will cover the future of managing digital resources and proposals can be submitted any time before November 19.

Publishers and libraries continue to face challenges caused by the pandemic. As a result, many organizations have invested in significant changes to their services to manage the shift towards remote learning and working. The Access Lab agenda will showcase examples of how strategies and tactics have moved forward to manage these changes in user needs and behaviour.

As well as discussing challenges and opportunities emerging from the pandemic, the event will also explore issues relating to sustainability and climate change. This will help libraries and publishers to strategize for a secure, reliable, and environmentally responsible service into the future.

The conference will encourage discussion and debate around the challenges we face now and in the future. A key highlight from previous Access Lab events are the panel debates covering topics from user privacy and the importance of data to the digital divide. International publishers and library professionals will also share knowledge and showcase a variety of case studies from around the world.

Industry experts can submit proposals for plenary talks, panel debates, roundtable discussions and case studies. Proposals may cover the following suggested topics: Managing resources amid a climate emergency and post-pandemic dynamics; Library digital strategy, plans and budgets; User experience; and Data and infrastructure.

The winner of the OpenAthens 2022 best publisher user experience (UX) award will be announced at Access Lab. Launched in 2020, the award puts the spotlight on publishers that strive to put their users at the heart of their service design with the simple aim of giving easy access to content. Publishers are encouraged to apply for the award before November 30.

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