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Over 2000 journals share price and service data via Plan S’s Journal Comparison Service -

cOAlition S has announced that 27 publishers – who publish more than 2000 journals – have embraced the Journal Comparison Service (JCS) and shared their service and price data, responding to the call for transparent pricing of publishing services. cOAlition S recognizes these publishers for incorporating the values of openness and price transparency into their processes, in line with Plan S principles.

The JCS was developed in response to the growing calls from the research community for greater transparency regarding the services publishers provide and the prices they charge. Through this free, online service, the publishers’ clients – primarily libraries and library consortia who procure publishing services on behalf of the research community – are able to better understand how journals and publishers compare on a range of key indicators. This information can be used to help determine whether the prices charged are commensurate with the services provided.

The 27 publishers who have provided data through this service include large, mixed-model publishers such as Wiley, fully Open Access publishers including PLOS, the Open Library of Humanities, and F1000, and a number of society/university publishers including the Royal Society, Rockefeller University Press, and the International Union of Crystallography. A complete list of publishers (and journals) participating in the JCS can be found at

Access to the JCS is open to any library and library consortia (End Users) who negotiate and participate in Open Access agreements with publishers. Since late September, when the end-user portal was launched, an increasing number of libraries and library consortia from Europe, Africa, North America, and Australia registered with the JCS. This clearly shows the need for a service that provides a better understanding of the nature of publishing services and the prices charged for them and can pave the way for library consortia to add contractual terms to their future agreements with publishers requiring them to share such data.

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