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Oxford Journals announces pricing policy for 2010 -

Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press (OUP), UK, has announced changes to its pricing policy for 2010. Starting 2010 onwards, the online only price will be the 'base' price for all the journals published by Oxford Journals.

The print only price will be 110 percent and the combined price will be 120 percent of the online only price. Changes to the pricing policy have been made following consultation with the library community.

Given the current budgetary pressures facing many libraries, Oxford Journals is offering its customers the option to re-subscribe to the online version of its journals with no price rise, or even a price reduction if they previously subscribed to the combined version. Also, it was announced that there will be no increase in the online only price between 2009 and 2010 for the majority of journals published by Oxford Journals.

Libraries are facing tremendous challenges to meet the booming use of their services. To better support their budgeting process, two companies - OECD Publishing and ProQuest -recently announced their decision to freeze prices to assist libraries in maintaining their subscriptions. In an announcement made earlier this month, OECD Publishing announced that there will be no increases to the full range of SourceOECD products, as well as OECD Journals and Statistical Databases, irrespective of format - online-only or online-and-archive (print/CD/DVD). Earlier in April 2009, ProQuest announced that it is extending its freeze on Continuing Service Fees, ongoing product support and access fees for perpetual archive agreements, through 2011.

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