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Oxford Journals' new online journal to cover undergraduate bioscience research -

Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press (OUP), UK, has announced the launch of Bioscience Horizons, a free online journal showcasing some of the best undergraduate bioscience research from the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The journal is claimed to be the first and only peer-reviewed journal to cover undergraduate bioscience research and to provide such a forum for students, their supervisors and universities. It is hoped that by publishing high quality undergraduate research work the journal will strengthen the link between teaching and research in higher education. The journal seeks to promote the link between research and teaching in Universities by showing everyone the skills and standards that UK undergraduates can achieve in their projects.

Bioscience Horizons is published by Oxford Journals in conjunction with Oxford University Press' Higher Education department, and has been awarded a grant from the University of Leeds for its first year. It will be published twice a year and will include papers covering a wide range of the biological sciences, from molecular biology to ecology. The first issue is currently available online.

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