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Publishers collaborate to launch 'COVID and Beyond: Living with Pandemics' -

A group of scholarly publishers is launching a major new website to explain research about pandemics and infectious diseases to the public, policy makers, media, and other audiences within and beyond academia.

COVID and Beyond: Living with Pandemics has been sponsored by Kudos, Impact Science, the American Chemical Society, AIP Publishing, De Gruyter, Hindawi, SAGE Publishing, the University of Toronto Press, and Wolters Kluwer Health.

The showcase provides professionally-written plain-language summaries of research on topics ranging from prevention and diagnosis, to welfare and innovation.

The initiative is based on the ‘knowledge cooperative’ model developed by research communication companies Kudos and Impact Science. The model ensures more people find, understand, and act on research into topics that affect the general public, or that require behavioural change. The cooperative approach means information from multiple publishers and universities can be gathered in one place, explained, and presented in a consistent way, making it easier for non-specialists to explore and absorb.

COVID and Beyond: Living with Pandemics is a one-stop-shop for trustworthy information about coronavirus, pandemics, and other respiratory, zoonotic and viral. It provides easy-to-understand explanations of key articles and books from 10 scholarly publishing organizations. The approach is designed to make sure that information is comprehensible to and acted on by the broadest possible audience. The project is led by research communication specialists Kudos and Impact Science, in partnership with the American Chemical Society, De Gruyter, Hindawi, SAGE Publishing, University of Toronto Press, and Wolters Kluwer Health.

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