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RedLink announces support for MathJax project -

RedLink has announced its support for the MathJax project. RedLink helps academic publishers, editors, and libraries save time, engage readers, and streamline collaborations by providing innovative solutions that cut across platforms and help unite the scholarly ecosystem.

RedLink leverages MathJax on Remarq® from RedLink, the decentralised scholarly collaboration network that helps editors, authors, and publishers engage with their communities on their sites, on their terms. Remarq enables annotation of mathematics, images, and text, while also allowing researchers and experts to connect and collaborate via Groups and personal connections.

MathJax was initiated in 2009 by the American Mathematical Society (AMS), Design Science, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) with the aim of developing a universal, robust, and easy-to-use solution to display mathematics on the web. MathJax's open source JavaScript library provides high-quality display on all browsers and platforms without the need for readers to install plugins or fonts. Using MathJax also enables copy&paste of equations and is compatible with accessibility tools for vision and learning disabilities. The MathJax Consortium is supported by numerous sponsors.

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