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Reflections on promoting a sustainable and diverse OA market -

Earlier in the year OASPA announced that it was undertaking some work with a wider group of stakeholders to explore the nature of the open access market and the perspectives of different stakeholder groups, with a view to gaining a better understanding of the forces in play and a potential role for OASPA as an organisation in supporting a key area of their mission.

In early July 2021 OASPA and Research Consulting ran two workshops for a broad range of stakeholder representatives on developing a healthy and diverse open access (OA) market.

The issue brief and the slides used at the workshops were openly shared at the same time.

OASPA has now released a report detailing the outcome of the two workshops. This report is a summary of the discussions that took place, together with the subsequent conclusions and reflections.

The workshop content was identical for both sessions and aimed to explore questions such as: What do we mean by the open access market? What are the characteristics of a healthy and diverse open access market? What roles do market forces, regulation and the community play in creating the market? How can different actors collaborate to ‘co-create’ a healthy and diverse market?

There were a number of key takeaways from the workshops, and further details on all of these areas can be found in the downloadable report.

While the issues around the OA market are understandably complex and there remains no obvious neat solution, this work on mapping the current picture has given an extremely valuable overview which can serve as a jumping off point for further work across stakeholders. Importantly, this is not work that OASPA can or should take forward in isolation.

The report and the workshops do of course have limitations in the diversity of representation and views, both geographically and in terms of the actors within stakeholder groups, and so a critical part of taking this work forward must be to address that and to continue to build up the picture of the OA market and the related perspectives, both within OASPA’s own membership but, crucially, also from the wider community. OASPA will continue to openly share progress on this work and materials that arise from it.

Click here to read the original press release.


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