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Research Square appoints Dr. Michele Avissar-Whiting as new Editor in Chief -

Dr. Michele Avissar-Whiting has been appointed Editor in Chief of Research Square. She brings a strong background and perspective to the newly created role, having received her Ph.D. in Medical Science from Brown University and being a powerful driving force in the company since November 2011.

At the time of this announcement, Research Square is home to over 30,000 preprints, rising to the position of the leading multidisciplinary preprint platform. In crossing this and future milestones, Dr. Avissar-Whiting will serve as the editorial voice of Research Square and the brand’s In Review service. Not only will she be responsible for establishing and communicating editorial policies, but will also lead the Research Square content strategy, lending her voice to the conversation around preprints and their role in the future of research communication.

Research Square is a mission-driven company focused on making research communication faster, fairer, and more useful. The company’s multidisciplinary preprint platform, launched in 2018, is now the world’s fastest-growing preprint platform.

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