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Research4Life launches a new committee to address equity for researchers in LMICs -

In a significant move towards fostering equity and inclusion in the academic and research landscape, Research4Life is establishing an Equity Committee. The Research4Life Equity Committee intends to bring about a transformative change in the representation and participation of researchers from lower and middle-income countries (LMICs). By addressing the existing disparities and fostering inclusive practices, this initiative seeks to enrich the global research landscape with diverse perspectives and insights from all corners of the world.

LMIC researchers face multifaceted challenges in gaining equal representation and participation in the global research community. One glaring issue is the limited presence of these researchers as authors, reviewers, and editors in international academic journals. Additionally, they are often marginalized when it comes to assuming key roles, such as speakers, committee members, and leaders in academic and professional societies.

Furthermore, research from LMICs tends to be lesser-known, read, and cited, leading to a lack of diverse perspectives and knowledge in the global academic exchange. This knowledge gap hampers comprehensive understanding and hinders progress in various fields of study.

The Equity Committee will outline a set of objectives aimed at fostering inclusivity and representation for researchers from lower and middle-income countries (LMICs). These objectives include conducting a comprehensive review of existing research on equity for researchers, engaging with the Research4Life user community to identify barriers to inclusion, developing guidelines and an action plan to ensure full representation across various roles, identifying best recruitment practices to promote inclusivity, showcasing successful case studies, exploring avenues for community engagement, and examining transparency and alignment within Open Access (OA) practices to recommend effective approaches.

The Committee is actively seeking two co-chairs, with one representing the LMIC user community and the other representing the publisher/society partner community. The committee will convene every six weeks and report on progress to the Executive Council through the co-chairs, with outputs presented at the General Partners Meeting (GPM). Committee representatives should span users and partner societies/publishers, ensuring diversity in regional and international perspectives. The committee will collaborate with other stakeholder groups working on similar objectives to foster synergy and minimize duplication. The key deliverables will be defined by the Committee.

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