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RIN report on the publication and quality assurance of research data outputs -

The UK's Research Information Network (RIN), has set out the results of a project, supported by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and JISC, to investigate the publication and quality assurance of research data. The report, titled 'To Share or not to Share: Publication and Quality Assurance of Research Data Outputs', is based on the results of over 100 detailed interviews with researchers across eight subject and cross-disciplinary areas.

The new report presents the findings from a study of whether or not researchers do in fact make their research data available to others, and the issues they encounter when doing so. The study is set in a context where the amount of digital data being created and gathered by researchers is increasing rapidly; and there is a growing recognition by researchers, their employers and their funders of the potential value in making new data available for sharing, and in curating them for re-use in the long term. The report finds that realising full potential of data requires further progress in data management policies and practice.

The report is available in two parts on the RIN website at, along with an executive summary. The main report presents a synthesis of the overall findings, including recommendations for consideration by relevant bodies. An Annex, presented as a separate document, reports in detail on the findings from each of the eight research areas.

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