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Royal Society of Chemistry unveils new OA journal - Environmental Science: Atmospheres -

Royal Society of Chemistry has announced the launch of a new open access atmospheric chemistry journal entitled Environmental Science: Atmospheres. The new journal is a cross-disciplinary journal spanning all aspects of atmospheric science.

Environmental Science: Atmospheres is inviting contributions from fields across the entirety of Earth’s atmosphere, from indoor air to cloud formation, and from pollution to the effects of atmosphere on human health.

Atmospheric science is a broad field comprising a range of disciplines. For example computational chemistry and modelling techniques are as crucial as laboratory experiments and field measurements in building up a picture of the atmosphere and how it behaves.

These interconnected disciplines advance our understanding of the world we live in – beginning with the chemical composition and physical behaviour of the air we move and breathe in, and ultimately providing insights into weather patterns, air quality, and climate change.

The journal is also encouraging submissions that address interactions between the atmosphere and the biosphere, oceans, or other surfaces.

Professor Neil Donahue from Carnegie Mellon University is the Chair of the journal's new Editorial Board. He specialises in the oxidation chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere – which plays an important role in climate and in human health – and he brings his considerable experience in the field to the role.

The new journal is fully gold open access, and article processing charges have been waived until mid 2023, meaning it is both free to read and free to publish in.

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