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SAGE and the Association for Computing Machinery collaborate with Nesta to launch a new OA journal - Collective Intelligence -

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and SAGE Publishing with support from and in collaboration with the innovation foundation Nesta have announced a new journal, Collective Intelligence, to connect academia and practice and build a cross-disciplinary body of theories and results. The journal is opening for submissions in Autumn 2020. The online-only, gold open access journal will bring together and shape an emerging field devoted to understanding group performance in diverse systems from adaptive matter, cellular and neural systems and animal societies to human organizations and systems of all kinds, hybrid AI human teams and nanobot swarms. The journal will provide a home for theoretical and empirical results from many disciplines that can contribute to this cross-disciplinary body of knowledge about how, why, and when collective intelligence works and how it can be improved.

Collective Intelligence will publish high-quality practitioner reports in addition to original academic research that will be subject to rigorous editorial and review processes. Both academic research papers and practitioner reports will include short commentaries outlining the impact for practice or research with the aim of creating a regular dialogue between academics and practitioners.

Many researchers in fields relevant to collective intelligence are frustrated at finding a home for their work which doesn’t sit comfortably in a single traditional disciplinary journal. Collective Intelligence will welcome contributions from the fields of Computer Science, Physics, Biology and Mathematics right through to Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Political Science and from the practitioner community. To support this goal of being truly interdisciplinary, the journal will be edited by four leading experts across key fields: Jessica Flack (Santa Fe Institute), Panos Ipeirotis (New York University), Scott Page (University of Michigan), and Geoff Mulgan (University College London). The Editors have worked with Thomas Malone (Center for Collective Intelligence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to bring on an impressive list of Associate Editors and Editorial Board members who, together, will work to shape this emerging field.

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