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SAGE Publishing announces winners of 2020 SAGE Ocean Concept Grant -

Academic publisher SAGE Publishing has announced the winners of the 2020 SAGE Ocean Concept Grant, with £15,000 awarded to Knowsir, a GDPR-compliant portal for researchers and participants to manage their consent relationship. Five further grants of £2,000 are awarded to early-stage software ideas that support the use of computational methods in social research.

Consent is vital to performing ethical research in the social sciences, but the operational difficulty of tracking consent and the need to adhere to privacy regulations presents barriers for researchers. Knowsi provides a privacy-first platform for researchers to collect, track and manage consent. Research participants get autonomy over their data, with visibility over their consents and researcher's data policies.

The funding from SAGE will enable Knowsi to further tailor its features to the requirements of academic researchers and research ethics boards, to enable integration with survey and reporting tools, and to bring Knowsi to a wider audience, including academic librarians.

Five grants of £2,000 are awarded to software tools in the early stages of development, to enable concept testing and software development. The winners are: Exploratory Labelling Assistant (ELA) (a tool for visually exploring, labelling and classifying large text corpora); Oolong (a set of standards and benchmarks that will enable researchers to test the validity of their content analysis models); Homicide Media Tracker (a platform for tracking news media archives for the study of violence in society and the media's role in shaping public opinion); Measuring Experience in VR (a tool to help researchers measure participants' behavioral responses in virtual reality); and Touch Capture Pro (an app for studying the social and cognitive effects of using smart phones and other touch-based devices).

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